Suspicionless Public Safety Checkpoints:
A growing threat to individual liberty

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall NOT be violated..."

Public safety checkpoints are quickly becoming the roadblock of choice by enforcement agencies across the country to randomly stop individuals and search for whatever violation they desire. Roadblocks falling into this category may include any of the following:

  • General Safety Checkpoints - Washington D.C. and other cities have started conducting checkpoints where enforcement agents record the identity of everyone in a vehicle along with date/time of stop, type of vehicle, etc to be used in crime/intelligence analysis at a later date.
  • Fireworks Checkpoints - American Radio talk show host David Champion recently discussed the details of a fireworks checkpoint conducted by police in San Bernardino, California. The full story involves audio segments from three separate shows:
  • Equipment Inspection Checkpoints
  • Documentation Checkpoints
  • Public Awareness Checkpoints

The Bottom Line: Individuals are no longer free from random government harassment or unreasonable search and seizure - even if they've done absolutely nothing wrong.

For more discussion regarding checkpoints in general and our quickly disappearing right to travel, checkout the main checkpoint page or visit this website's blog at: Roadblock Revelations

"Some 280 motorcyclists were stopped during a motorcycle safety checkpoint Sunday, Oct. 7 on Interstate 84 in Dutchess County by the New York State Police, in conjunction with local police and the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles Field Investigations"
The Gilpin County Sheriff's Office in Colorado, a rural area not that far west of Denver, recently set up a highway checkpoint where motorists were stopped and, at least in some cases, not allowed to leave until they gave breath, blood, and saliva samples for the benefit of a private research firm.
"Our primary objective, of course, is to arrest criminals and intercept illegal substances and contraband before it enters the fairground or festival," Eickhorn said.
Lawrence Journal World & News
Any fireworks discovered at the checkpoints will be confiscated, the county officials said. Those who possess them will be cited and possibly charged for the cost of destroying the fireworks.
The Press Enterprise
A Washington Post article highlighting yet another permutation of suspicionless checkpoints/roadblocks. D.C. Police are now conducting so-called 'safety stops' where the personal information of individuals stopped is entered into a database - regardless of whether or not they are cited for any violation.
Washington Post
Utah Supreme Court rules that highway checkpoints set up for specific public safety purposes cannot be used as a pretext to subject vehicles and drivers to unwarranted searches. Note - the state of Utah has specific legislation in place that authorizes police to set up administrative checkpoints (license/registration checks). This is not the case in Arizona where no such legislation exists
Stop The Drug War
News report highlighting a recent Tennessee Supreme Court case.
The Newspaper

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