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D.C. Neighborhoods Being Targeted for Military-style Police Checkpoints

I haven't had much time to look into this story yet but it appears that Washington D.C. police will be targeting specific neighborhoods in the D.C. area for military-style checkpoints designed to shutdown the targeted neighborhoods to unapproved vehicle traffic while forcing individuals to identify themselves along with the purpose for their travels.

The following quote from a Washington Post article sums up this police state operation nicely:

"In certain areas, we need to go beyond the normal methods of policing," Fenty (D) said at a news conference announcing the action. "We're going to go into an area and completely shut it down to prevent shootings and the sale of drugs."

The checkpoint will stop vehicles approaching the 1400 block of Montello Avenue NE, a section of the Trinidad neighborhood that has been plagued with homicides and other violence. Police will search cars if they suspect the presence of guns or drugs, and will arrest people who do not cooperate, under a charge of failure to obey a police officer, officials said.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me links to this developing story. If these police state checkpoint enforcement operations aren't challenged and squashed early on, expect to see them appear in every major community across America in the next five to ten years.

Links to additional related articles appear below along with text from two of them:

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