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Steven Anderson's 'Ode To The Border Patrol'

(Compliments of RP4409)

Steven Anderson is the traveler recently brutalized by the Border Patrol and Arizona Department of Public Safety at an internal suspicionless checkpoint East of Yuma, Arizona. I previously blogged about his experience here but the above video pretty much says it all.


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Steven Bierfeldt Brings Suit Against The TSA

With the assistance of the ACLU, Steven Bierfeldt has brought suit against the TSA for an unlawful search and seizure stemming from an airport incident in April 2009. I initially blogged about this incident here and J.D Tuccile over at Disloyal Opposition has a more in-depth writeup about the lawsuit here.

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Tucson Weekly Covers Recent Court Appearance

Last week, the Tucson Weekly published an article on my recent court victory where a Pima County justice court judge dismissed the single charge of impeding traffic (at a Border Patrol checkpoint) against me. The article can be found online here or can be accessed in its entirety below.

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So You Thought The Border Wall Was Just For Controlling Inbound Traffic...

As a follow-up to my earlier posts titled Today We’re All Prisoners In The USA and Border Patrol Demands Travel Documents Inside The Country, I've reprinted two articles below further highlighting this fundamental shift in Homeland Security enforcement practices.

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Prosecutors Seek Supervised Release For Border Patrol Deputy Chief Guilty Of Child Rape

I've reprinted an article below regarding the recent conviction of Blaine Sector Border Patrol Deputy Chief Joseph Giuliano for child rape. Amazingly enough, the prosecutor in the case, Mac Setter, is attempting to keep Giuliano out of prison on supervised work release.

In light of this, it's worth noting again that Giuliano was the second highest ranking Border Patrol agent in the Blaine Sector. He was a career 'law' enforcement officer in a position of substantial influence, authority and responsibility. The child he raped had been living in his and his wife's home for several months.

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Port Townsend Asks For Halt To Border Patrol Activity

When it comes to keeping federal entities like Customs and Border Protection at bay, individuals and communities in Washington State continue to lead the way. Below you'll find two articles regarding a Port Townsend, Washington resolution calling for a moratorium on Border Patrol activity in their community until the agency's un-American enforcement practices can be reviewed (and exposed for what they are).

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Part Two of Yuma Checkpoint Protest Now Available

(Update - the third and last video segment from the checkpoint protest has been included below - 06Jun09)

As a followup to my earlier post, the video embedded below is part two of a Yuma Border Patrol checkpoint protest staged on Memorial Day weekend. The purpose was to protest the general use of such suspicionless checkpoints against the traveling public inside the country along with the recent brutalization of Steven Anderson by federal Border Patrol Agents and state 'public safety' officers at this checkpoint. It was (and continues to be) a real tag team operation.

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And Now For a Historical Perspective On The Right To Travel

In response to the federal government's further clamp down on the right to travel that went into effect on June 1st and was blogged about here, J.D. Tuccille over at Disloyal Opposition has written a piece providing a more historical perspective on the right to travel we've enjoyed in this country along with the government's recent attack on that right.

The article is reprinted in its entirety below along with pertinent links.

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Today We’re All Prisoners In The USA

Yesterday, the United States passed yet another milestone in its rush to solidify the burgeoning American police state. All the details are reprinted below from Papers Please.

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Video From Recent Yuma Checkpoint Protest Now Available

As previously blogged about here, a protest was held at a Border Patrol checkpoint east of Yuma on Memorial Day weekend. A dozen or so folks drove quite a distance out to the checkpoint where Steven Anderson was recently beaten and tasered by Border Patrol agents and misnamed Department of Public Safety officers (DPS).

His crime? He dared to exercise his right to be free from suspicionless seizures and warrantless searches while traveling within the United States.

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While I refer to court cases along with state and federal law frequently in this blog, nothing written here should be construed as legal advice. I am not an attorney. Rather, I'm someone concerned about the growing disregard for individual rights present at all levels of government.

My conclusions are my own based upon personal experience and research. The law is made purposely complex however and varies significantly from place to place and circumstance to circumstance.

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