Post details: Media Coverage of Recent 9th Circuit Decision in Roadblock Lawsuit


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Media Coverage of Recent 9th Circuit Decision in Roadblock Lawsuit

I was a little surprised by how quickly local media picked up the story on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal's recent ruling in my roadblock lawsuit.

I was called early in the day for an interview with KOLD Channel 13 News in Tucson along with the host of the radio talk show Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock. Additionally, an article on the lawsuit and ruling was published in today's Arizona Daily Star.


Links to both interviews along with the article appear below. I must say I'm encouraged to see the level of awareness regarding the dangers associated with suspicionless checkpoints rising along with the interest in such issues from the media and general public.

Appeals court clarifies police jurisdiction: Judges rule in case of tribal roadblock on state highway - Arizona Daily Star

UA engineer vindicated in tribal roadblock case - KOLD Channel 13 News

"Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock" - Same


Comment from: charley hardman [Visitor]
good that KOLD finished with a refutation of that lame PR-buzz attempt. sadly, that's very unusual (for DC metro and national "news" anyway).
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Comment from: Craig [Visitor]
Thank you Terri!

Permalink 2009-08-07 @ 14:33
Comment from: jack [Visitor] ·
what you have proven is criminals and terrorists trained in USA who are white, fluent english speaking will use your tactics and come into the USA and cause harm to US Citizens. I am sure AlQueda is learning and amused at how you are helping the enemy. Some American u are. These agents are simply asking if you are a US Citizen and creating checkpoints are an extra security measure. Just like airports, you deal with these things in order for the betterment of the country and safety of americans. Great work, Einstein!
Permalink 2009-12-06 @ 18:06
Comment from: Checkpoint USA [Member]
That's right jack. Anyone who insists that government servants live up to their oath of office and respect individual rights must be a terrorist.

Thanks for making such a ridiculous argument. It really puts things into perspective.
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Comment from: CorpusDei [Visitor]
The Arizona Star article you linked to was moved, to here:
Permalink 2010-01-24 @ 19:41
Comment from: Ryan [Visitor]
thank you for sharing your story and for the incredible effort put behind this battle.

I unfortunately have a Nockian pessimism (Albert J. Nock) toward any improvement in this rampant decline of liberty. Sure, there will always be a remnant who will fight, but if history is any measure to predict the future, the remnant will always pale in comparison to the sheep that willingly go to the slaughter.

I hope I'm wrong.
Permalink 2010-09-27 @ 17:52

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