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Support Phillip Mocek During His Upcoming Albuqurque TSA Checkpoint Trial

Update: According to the Identity Project, Mr. Mocek's trial has been delayed yet again due to the prosecutor being unprepared. An update on the case can been accessed here.

Reprinted below, is an article recently published by The Identity Project regarding the upcoming trial of Phillip Mocek in Albuqurque, New Mexico. Mr. Mocek's trial will begin this Tuesday, December 7, 2010.

According to the Identity Project's faq on the case, he was arrested by Albuqurque police at a TSA checkpoint on November 15, 2009 while attempting to board his flight with a valid ticket. The arrest and charges stem from Mr. Mocek's desire to travel by air without showing ID, without answering questions regarding his trip & for recording his encounter to protect himself legally.

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Know Your Rights At The Airport

With National TSA Opt-Out Day upon us, I thought this recent article from the Identity Project was quite appropriate:

I also wanted to bring this blog full circle be referencing the most recent post from John Tyner, the man who prompted this series of TSA blog entries on Roadblock Revelations with his now immortal quote, "if you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested.".

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The Revolt Against TSA

A transcript of Congressman Ron Paul's TSA update is available here.

Freedom's Phoenix has a comprehensive compilation of recent articles related to TSA abuse here.

Also, Free Talk Live has been covering recent TSA outrages on their radio talk show and in the articles posted to their website.

Only two days left before National TSA Opt-Out Day. For those in the Phoenix, Arizona area, demonstrations are planned for Sky Harbor Airport this Wednesday. Additional information is available here.


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Ramblings From A (former) TSA Agent

With National TSA Opt-Out Day quickly approaching, folks may find it enlightening to read the thoughts of a former TSA agent...

(Thanks to Claire Wolfe over at Living Freedom for the link)

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TSA Opt-Out Day Should Be Only The Beginning

As National TSA Opt-Out Day quickly approaches, the Identity Project over at Papers, Please have some interesting thoughts on what should be done with the TSA.

They rightfully point out that the latest outrage from TSA, as exemplified by this incident, is only the most recent in a long list of outrages. They also point out that while a full-body naked-scan National Opt-Out day is a good start, for real change to take place much more needs to be done.

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TSA Opt-Out Day

Time to put the TSA on the no-fly list.

On November 24, 2010, the busiest travel day of the year, We Won't Fly is sponsoring National Opt Out Day.

Checkout the links provided above for more information regarding the project along with invaluable information on additional actions you can take to reclaim the skies from the groping hands of bureaucratic busy-bodies.

If you want to reclaim your right to travel unmolested by government goons inside your own country, remember that:

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."

- Frederick Douglass

I opted-out years ago when it became obvious the TSA was out of control. Now that even the main-stream media can't ignore this fact any longer, I'm looking forward to the company.


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TSA Agents Harass Cancer Survivors At Airport Checkpoints

Just when you thought the arrogance, callousness and depravity of the TSA couldn't get any worse, the agency manages to sink to another all-time low.

As reported in the main-stream media, several news stories show that even recent cancer survivors aren't safe from the groping hands of clueless agents. In fact, due to their medical conditions, such individuals are more likely than members of the general public to be flagged for extra-special TSA attention.

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TSA Threatens Lawsuit & $11,000 Fine For Asserting One's Rights

“Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them.” - Fredrick Douglass

And so it begins. Early in the morning on November 13, 2010 at San Diego International Airport, John Tyner peacefully, respectfully and intelligently exercised his right not to be virtually strip searched nor sexually groped by TSA agents as a condition of travel on a common carrier within the boundaries of the United States.

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Refusing To Answer Questions At The Border

Paul Karl Lukacs is an attorney who travels the world practicing law. In and of itself, this wouldn't be all that newsworthy for the pages of Roadblock Revelations but Mr. Lukacs is definitely an exception. What makes him an exception is his documented encounters with Customs & Border Protection agents while re-entering the United States from abroad.

During these encounters, Mr. Lukacs practices his right to remain silent. His signature statement in defense of this practice appears to be:

“I’m not going to be interrogated as a pre-condition of re-entering my own country”

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Indefinite Detention By Border Patrol Agents Inside the Country?

In late September of this year, a California college student and a friend decided to go on a road trip to California's picturesque Anza-Borrego State Park. Little did they know before leaving on their trip that they would be subjected to arbitrary stops, seizures, interrogations and indefinite detentions under threat of lethal force from armed men whose primary job was to protect their rights, not violate them.

The highwaymen who seized them so during their travels wore the green uniform of federal Border Patrol agents even though the only border the students had crossed was that of the state park itself. A state park whose borders are located completely within the boundaries of the United States and North of a major interstate highway to boot:

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I-10 Checkpoint Dog & Pony Show

I recently came across an interesting discussion on regarding a permanent Border Patrol checkpoint located on I-10 in West Texas. Seems that the Border Patrol was going out of its way to harass car drivers with extensive questioning and drug sniffing dogs while just waving commercial truck drivers through without any questioning whatsoever.

Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to me that commercial trucks are physically capable of transporting quite a bit more illicit traffic than a personal car. In fact, the last time I checked several personal cars can easily fit into the space occupied by a single commercial truck.

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More Reports of Widespread Border Patrol Corruption

[Sources: Department of Homeland Security, Office of the Inspector General | Graphic: The Washington Post]

Over the past week or so, several articles regarding skyrocketing corruption within Customs and Border Protection ranks have been published in the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times.

CBP corruption (formerly U.S. Border Patrol and U.S. Customs) has been an ongoing trend I've been watching for the better part of the last decade so it's good to see main stream media outlets starting to cover this issue in greater depth as well.

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Atlanta Sobriety Checkpoint Claims Another Victim of Police Authoritarianism

14 Sep 2010 UPDATE:

Here's an email update I recently received from Mr. Williams regarding his case:

In court yesterday the city of Atlanta dropped the “disorderly conduct” charge and bound the “driving without a license” charge over to state court. I will now be able to present my case before a jury. Time to work on the jury nullification thing

Joe Williams
Atlanta, GA
cell # 404.242.2204

A few days ago, I received the email appearing below from Joe Williams in Atlanta, Georgia. Joe will be defending himself in court against malicious charges stemming from the exercise of his rights while being stopped, detained and questioned at a suspicionless sobriety checkpoint in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this year.

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Harassment of Domestic Travelers Continues Expanding to the North

Two recent articles appearing in the New York Times highlight the burgeoning American police state compliments of the Department of Homeland Security.

It seems that the Border Patrol has as much difficulty finding the Northern border as its Southern counterpart, choosing instead to harass domestic Amtrak train passengers traveling between Chicago and New York City with nary a stop near anything resembling an international border.

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Unexpected Border Stop and Presumption of Guilt

For those of you who still think it's easier to roll over & just answer their questions than exercise your fundamental rights while being detained & interrogated by armed Border Patrol agents at suspicionless checkpoints inside the country, the letter to the editor reprinted from Freedom's Phoenix below shows the fallacy of this reasoning:

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A Deja Vu Moment. Anderson Found Not Guilty - Again

As reported on this blog several months ago, all charges against Steven Anderson were initially dismissed with prejudice in Ajo Justice court in December 2009. The story however did not end there.

During court proceedings in 2009, it became obvious a Border Patrol agent lied to Anderson's attorney(s) regarding the existence of checkpoint guidelines:

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More Border Patrol Harassment at Internal Immigration Checkpoints

Update: 17FEB2011 - YouTube has once again removed the video for unknown reasons. Most likely because Border Patrol agents don't like being held accountable in a public forum. We'll see what we can do to remedy that situation...

Update: 17DEC2010 - Looks like the video has been reposted. I've updated the embedded link accordingly.

[Update: 25OCT2010 - Looks like Youtube & the Border Patrol are busy censoring videos again. The videographer reported Youtube banned the video depicted in this blog entry without explanation. A similar incident occurred to 3 of my videos a while back. See here for details.]

The checkpoint depicted in the video above is the interim checkpoint located near kilometer post 45 on I-19 in Southern Arizona and championed by Congressional Representative Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona's 8th District. Like so many other Border Patrol checkpoint encounters, the video above documents harassment of the traveling public by agents who take advantage of their limited authority in an attempt to intimidate individuals into waiving their fundamental rights.

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Don't Talk to Government Agents

While the above video has been floating around the internet for several years now, I thought it was worth posting here given the nature of this website and the questions/comments I receive on my roadblock videos on a regular basis.

The video highlights a presentation given by Regent University Law Professor James Duane regarding exercising one's right to remain silent when confronted by government agents conducting investigatory interviews/interrogations. Professor Duane speaks for about 28 minutes before turning the remainder of his time over to Virginia Beach Police Dept. Detective George Bruch.

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Exercising One's Rights at a Las Vegas Sobriety Checkpoint

I recently came across the video appearing above on YouTube and thought it would be appropriate to make available here.

For those of you who object to individual's exercising their rights while being seized absent suspicion at such checkpoints on the grounds that if they save just one life they're worth it, I request that you review the effectiveness of such checkpoints for yourself.

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Missouri Cops Can't Get Enough of Brett Darrow

Brett Darrow is one of those individuals who believe in police accountability and doesn't take kindly to police officers who abuse their authority while hiding behind a gun and a badge. To protect himself from such abuse, Darrow outfitted his vehicle with an in-car camera system several years ago after learning first-hand how some cops have no qualms with fabricating falsehoods to justify otherwise illegal enforcement actions.

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Full Video of Anderson's Checkpoint Hearing Released

[Yuma County Assistant Prosecutor William Katz during Steven Anderson's December 16, 2009 Pre-trial hearing]

The full video from Steven Anderson's pre-trial hearing on December 16, 2009 has been released and appears below. For those who haven't been following this case, Steven Anderson is the individual tazered and beaten by Arizona DPS Officers and U.S. Border Patrol agents at an internal suspicionless checkpoint East of Yuma in April of last year.

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Highwaymen Setup Fake Checkpoint

Inspired by the lucrative practice by local, state and federal agencies of shaking down the traveling public at suspicionless checkpoints around the country, armed and dangerous individuals unaffiliated with said government gangs are starting to break in on the action as well.

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Additional Video from Uvalde, Texas Checkpoint Incident Released

[Newspaper article highlighting the opening of the new Uvalde, TX Border Patrol checkpoint]

As a followup to my earlier post titled, Border Patrol Harass Military Field Grade Officer At Internal Checkpoint, additional video footage regarding the Uvalde Border Patrol checkpoint incident has been released. This footage appears below in four sections and shows the entirety of the checkpoint encounter.

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Video from Steven Anderson's court hearing now available

[Angry Border Patrol agents riot in the streets after charges against Anderson were dismissed with prejudice ;)]

07 May 2010 Update: Photo clarification appears below

Steven Anderson was beaten and tazered by U.S. Border Patrol agents and Arizona DPS officers at a suspicionless Homeland Security checkpoint East of Yuma in April of 2009. The reason for the beat down was because Mr. Anderson chose to peacefully exercise his right not to be searched absent probable cause and a warrant signed by a federal judge.

To add insult to injury, after beating Mr. Anderson, he was also charged by Arizona DPS officers with several violations of state law even though he had been seized at a federal checkpoint by federal agents allegedly enforcing federal law.

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Arizona Immigration Law Overreach

[Update - The Identity Project's scheduled interview on the Jay Lawrence Show later today has been postponed. An updated schedule will be provided when it becomes available]

I want to send my thanks to Representative Russell Pearce who was the primary sponsor of Arizona's S.B. 1070 along with David Gowan, Chuck Gray, Linda Gray, John Kavanagh, Frank Antenori, Carl Seel and Ray Barnes.

In one fell swoop, these eight politicians have clearly shown the rest of the world what a burgeoning American police state looks like along with invalidating Arizona's stop and identify statute that overzealous authorities will surely attempt to use in conjunction with the illegitimate police powers created in this new law.

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'Papers Please' to debate S.B. 1070 this Sunday on KTAR talk radio in Phoenix

A representative from Papers Please will be a guest on the Jay Lawrence Show hosted by Phoenix's KTAR (92.3 FM) radio station this Sunday (May 2nd) to discuss the recent passage of Arizona's SB 1070.

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Imprisoned in the USA for "Obstruction of Justice"

[thanks to readers for forwarding the link to this video]

Violent authoritarian thugs with guns and badges make up an excuse to assault a Canadian couple at the U.S. Border who were only here to spend their money.

Unfortunately, this is an ongoing trend with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials who are under the mistaken impression they can abuse whoever they want for whatever reason they want whenever they want (largely because they get away with it on a regular basis).

Related blog entries highlighting similar examples of criminal behavior by federal agents at the border are available here and here.

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Another Reported Assault at the Border

In December of last year, I reported on a story involving Canadian science fiction author Peter Watts. Mr. Watts was assaulted by overzealous Customs & Border Protection Officers along the Northern border while attempting to return to Canada.

In this article, I highlight a reported assault of a U.S. citizen by a Customs and Border Protection officer along the Southern border while attempting to return to his country through the Port of Entry in Calexico CA.

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Lawsuits Involving Local Police Working For DHS Highlighted By The Identity Project

[At the request of USBP Agent Roman (right), TOPD officer R. Carrasco cites Checkpoint USA for impeding traffic at a Homeland Security checkpoint. The charge was dismissed in court several months later]

In an article titled, DHS accomplices face legal liability, Checkpoint USA's seven year lawsuit against several tribal police officers was recently mentioned on the Identity Project's website. The article also references several other pending cases involving local police acting on behalf of Department of Homeland Security agencies such as the TSA.

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'Customs & Border Protection' Corruption Rampant

In the news recently was yet another story of rampant corruption within the ranks of Customs & Border Protection agents. For those who pay attention to such things, this is nothing new. I've been linking to similar news articles and Inspector General reports for years when I come across them.

The article I've included below provides us with a glimpse of just how bad the problem may be. It would appear that of all applicants for agency positions who undergo thorough background checks, 60% are turned away due to questionable motives and backgrounds.

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Border Patrol Harass Military Field Grade Officer At Internal Checkpoint

I have about a half dozen blog entries in the queue that I haven't quite finished up yet due to a busy schedule but I couldn't let the video appearing above pass by unmentioned.

Posted by Veterans Against Police Abuse, it depicts a decorated military officer being harassed and lied to by vindictive Border Patrol agents at an internal checkpoint near Uvalde, Texas. The writeup associated with the YouTube video appears below:

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Checkpoint USA Interviewed By Katherine Albrecht

On February 23rd, I was a guest on the radio talk show, Katherine Albrecht, Talk Radio with a Freedom Twist.

Katherine is a well known privacy advocate and author who has written:

Spychips: How major corporations and government plan to track your every move with RFID.

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Suspicionless Homeland Security Checkpoints Expand Into Northern Maine

I've recently been pointed to several online news articles regarding Homeland Security checkpoints being setup in Northern Maine. The checkpoint(s) appear to be located between Sherman and Houlton along I-95. The closest border to the general area is New Brunswick, Canada to the East.

As with their Southern counterparts, the checkpoints being manned by Customs & Border Protection officers and Border Patrol agents are not being limited in scope to brief immigration queries as required by Supreme Court jurisprudence. Rather, the so-called immigration checkpoints are being utilized as dragnet enforcement operations with the assistance of drug sniffing dogs while agents actively look for stolen vehicles, contraband and terrorists, all absent any suspicion whatsoever. Additionally, Homeland Security is using air support to look for vehicles driving along perfectly legal travel routes within the vicinity of the checkpoint.

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Immigration, United States Citizens, and Freedom

[Photo: Discovery Bay, Washington- US Border Patrol bus boardings protest]

I was recently pointed to an article posted on FR33 Agents detailing several of the negative impacts associated with the federal government's current border control policy (please note - I use the term 'border' as loosely here as the federal government does in practice).

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Why don't you just roll down your window and answer the question...

"Why don't you just roll down your window and answer the question", or similarly worded comments, are frequent questions I receive on my YouTube channel regarding my forced interactions with armed federal agents at suspicionless Homeland Security checkpoints inside the country. Take for instance the following comments:

Homeland Security Checkpoint: Video Blog - Day 1:

"What is the logic behind your videos? And why would you be afraid to roll down your window? l'll admit she kept her cool very well. l know the temptation to bust your window, drag you out and smash your face on the pavement after douching it with some Oleoresin Capsicum was their for acting like a punk. so kudos to her." - wlindenlaub

(For those unfamiliar with Oleoresin Capsicum, it's also known as pepper spray)

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Just answer the question & you'll be on your way...

I first wrote about the driver appearing in the video above in August of last year. See:

More Arizona Cops Harassing Travelers At Border Patrol Checkpoints

At that time, the driver was being routinely harassed by Border Patrol agents at a suspicionless Homeland Security checkpoint along I-19 in Southern Arizona. On at least one occasion, Arizona DPS officer M. Anguiano assisted with the harassment by knowingly issuing a false citation to the driver for not wearing a seatbelt while he was being seized by federal agents in the secondary inspection area (see article referenced above for more details).

Growing weary of the ongoing harassment, the driver began exercising his right to keep and bear cameras several months ago (something I strongly recommend for all travelers, regardless of your chosen mode of travel).

The results of a recorded encounter in December can be seen in the video above and a transcript of the incident follows:

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OTN Reveils TSA Security Theater At Detroit Airport

Update - Part 3 of the video series appearing below has been updated by OTN. It appears that the videographer inadvertently used false body scanning images in the original video but has fixed his mistake. The updated video is available here

For those interested in more detailed information regarding TSA Body Scanning equipment, Papers Please has a good article on the subject located here.

There's been lot's of news on the TSA security theater front over the past several weeks which I'll be writing about in more detail later. For now though, I thought I'd share a few videos put together by Sam over at Obscured Truth Network showing us the ridiculous nature of TSA security practices:

Detroit TSA Security Theater

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