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Phil Mocek Acquitted, TSA Admits Photography Legal, ID Not Required

After many delays & much jerking around by the prosecution, Phillip Mocek, the man arrested at an Albuqurque, NM airport in November 2009, finally went to trial last Thursday & Friday on trumped up charges of disorderly conduct, concealing his identity and refusing to obey a police officer.


Given that it took an Albuqurque jury less than an hour to find Mr. Mocek not guilty on all counts, it's understandable why the prosecution sought delay after delay. Luckily, Mr. Mocek stood his ground over the past 14 months and revealed to the world exactly what the TSA, local Albuqurque airport cops and the prosecutor's office were really all about. Indeed, the trial not only concluded in Mr. Mocek's favor but also revealed that flying without government-issued ID is perfectly legal as is videotaping one's compelled interaction with TSA goons at airport checkpoints.

The Identity Project followed Mr. Mocek's case from its inception and was on-hand last week to lend their support and document courtroom proceedings. On Friday, the Identity Project posted a not guilty announcement along with a good overview of court proceedings and the issues involved. Today, the project posted links to audio of most of the court proceedings so you can listen to the trial for yourself.

My thanks go out to Mr. Mocek for putting himself in harm's way to peacefully exercise rights enjoyed by us all along with seeing court proceedings through to their (logical) conclusion. I can only hope he also has the intent, time, resources and energy to pursue a civil rights case against those who so uncivilly denied him his.

Additional links regarding the outcome of Mr. Mocek's trial can be found below along with recently released video of his interaction at the TSA checkpoint in November 2009:


Comment from: Phil Mocek [Visitor] ·
Thanks for your interest. There's lots more information about the case in an FAQ maintained by The Identity Project at
Permalink 2011-01-25 @ 00:29
Comment from: Charlie [Visitor]
Hi Phil thank you from a fellow Seattlite. Hopefully you can recoup some losses with a suit.
Permalink 2011-01-26 @ 00:16
Comment from: VAPA [Visitor]
Hats off to you Phil. Thanks for having the courage to stand up for us all.
Permalink 2011-01-26 @ 17:57
Comment from: Doug [Visitor]
I listened to Mr. Mocek's trial. TSA and the cop come across as liars. TSA Officer Breedon comes across as a very stupid person, especially in trying to talk like a cop. He sounds stiff and ridiculous, and he's obviously lying - trying to paint a picture of misconduct by Mr. Mocek. Officer Dilley comes across as a liar and extremely slimy. It was so obvious they were lying. It's not hard to see why the jury acquitted. Officer Dilley, especially, comes across as extremely offensive, evil monster, conniving and lying to damage people. This is a good lesson to jurors in cases where there is no video to contradict police testimony. Police are liars. They are trained to be liars. They are expected to lie to try to convict citizens. Remember this when you are on a jury. When you listen to the cops testify, think of Officers Dilley and Breedon - telling blatant, slimy lies. If you are on a jury, consider the possibility that the cops may be lying. This is an outstanding example of police testimony being contradicted by video evidence. Dilley literally makes me nauseous. I wonder how many good people Dilley has damaged. Imagine the unclean feeling while the state prosecutes you based on Dilley's unclean lies. Wow - unclean - evil - unclean.
Permalink 2011-01-27 @ 21:17
Comment from: Doug [Visitor]
Here's the names of the thugs who attempted to destroy Mr. Mocek and who undermine our liberty. This is from the Infowars website.
Albuquerque Airport Police Department officers Robert F. “Bobby” Dilley (badge number 116), Landrow “Wiggy” Wiggins (badge number 137), and Julio A. De La Peña (badge number 135), and TSA staff LTSO Jonathon Breedon, TSM Gerald Romero, STSO Anthony M. Schreiner, Greg Martinez, and BDO Laura Moots.
Permalink 2011-01-27 @ 22:44
Comment from: Doug [Visitor]
Hopefully, Officer Dilley will no longer be able to be a Police Officer. He can no longer be effective as a cop because it appears he lies in court. If he arrests someone in the future there will always be the suspicion that he is again lying, as he did in the Mocek case. Dilley now has no credibility. It has been demonstrated that he has bad (evil) character. Hopefully, future victims arrested by Officer Dilley will be able to defend themselves by impeaching Dilley's character in court with the Mocek case. However, our corrupt courts may suppress exposure of Dilley as a liar to the jury. If you are on a jury, always suspect that the cop who testifies has a bad history, that the judge won't let the jury see. Study jury nullification. Say whatever you need to say to get on the jury. Don't convict fellow citizens for victimless crimes or crimes against "the state" (which usually is no crime at all, as in Mr. Mocek's case). If your conscience says that convicting a fellow citizen is not right, for whatever reason, don't let the judge tell you you have to convict. The judge will tell you that you may only judge the facts, not the law. That's a lie. It's not true. It was never intended to be that way. It's not what the Founding Fathers intended in 1776. Don't let on you are doing jury nullification or you will be removed from the jury. That accomplishes nothing. Keep your mouth shut. Do nullification effectively, without telling them what you are doing. Jury Nullification may help a little to restore freedom in America. In any case, it may be better than doing nothing.
Permalink 2011-01-28 @ 00:12
Comment from: Doug [Visitor]
Here's Officer Dilley's arrest report.
Permalink 2011-02-03 @ 23:33
Comment from: emplois Cameroun [Visitor] ·
courage boys! we're united for you!
Permalink 2011-02-04 @ 06:48
Comment from: checkpoint charlie [Visitor]
I assume that we have the same rights at highway checkpoints, particularly on interstate highways.
Permalink 2011-02-06 @ 15:10
Comment from: jon guyton [Visitor]
I love that you guys have the courage to say no to these illegal activities. They keep asking us to give a little freedom up for the "general good". When will it stop. I hope we all learn to stand up,maybe those in authority will not feel so free to try it any more.
Permalink 2011-07-22 @ 12:13

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