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Social Security Applicants Harassed By DHS At Suspicionless Checkpoint

Based upon the news stories appearing below, it would appear that yet another arm of the Department of Homeland Security has recently adopted security theater tactics in its day to day operations.

Not content doing its job assessing & improving existing security measures at federal facilities around the country, the Federal Protective Service recently decided to make its presence known to the general public in a very in-your-face sort of way.


Looking for a site high on any terrorist hit list, the FPS chose a Social Security Office in Leesburg, Florida to target for an unannounced 'training' session in early January 2012. The session involved, among other things, FPS officers standing around at the Social Security Office's front door in full battle gear demanding ID from those seeking to conduct legitimate business inside the office.

Such over-the-top aggressive & hostile tactics targeting the general public are quite similar to tactics frequently utilized by other DHS agencies, some of which include the TSA and its roving VIPR teams around the country:

Not to mention Customs & Border Protection at suspicionless highway checkpoints removed from the border or its functional equivalent:

Online articles related to this story can be found at:


Comment from: Lawyer [Visitor] ·
Thefts of identities are becoming more and more common as the Internet gradually becomes engrained in our society. However, the fact that this crime is very common does not make it less serious in the eyes of the courts. Cyber crimes, including these types of thefts of personal information, leave a nasty trail behind, making it harder for attorneys to fight for their clients in these cases. This is why it is so vital to have one who understands the nature of the crime as well as the laws that surround computer crimes.
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Comment from: Luis Alvarez [Visitor]
My name is Luis Alvarez. I am a 37 years old disabled veteran. 

Were my constitutional rights violated?

  passport or not, or missing person's report or not.  And for verification of my identity without taking my fingerprints in the secondary line...I was made to look like a criminal,humiliated and my right to privacy was violated.

When: Monday february 30, 2012.. At aprrox. 2pm pst. 

where: San Isidro pedestrian border crossing.

Who: U.S customs and border protection,dhs.

I attempted to cross the border using my government issued veterans photo  I .D w/data strip on back,valid CDL,SSN card and Birth Certificate.

 After answering a few questions in the initial verification line, I was sent to the secondary verification line..followed orders by the agents as the drug sniffing dog was brought through the line. I waited my turn until I reached the front of line and without fingerprinting me or asking me a single question..I was handcuffed and was taken to a detainment area where I was searched and told to take all my personal belongings out of my person. Also, I was told to take my shoe laces and belt off as I was given back my shoes without laces and escorted to a secured (locked fence indoors) detainment area without handcuffs.  I noticed I was the only one without my shoe laces on...out of about six people in the same room. About two hours later the same  african american male agent who searched me was behind a counter in the same room asked me more questions before telling me "you were reported as a missing person In Alameda County, you did nothing wrong So we have no right to hold you because your an adult ".
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Comment from: Luis Alvarez [Visitor]
Correction: When...monday January 30,2012
Luis alvarez,Disabled veteran
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Comment from: Anthony [Visitor]
If I was walking into the SS office and some goon in full battle gear asked me for my ID, I would simply ignore him and walk right past. Then, in his bravado, he would amke the mistake of touching me and that's where it would begin...and end. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS PEOPLE!! Don't take an sh*t from anyone!!!
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