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Remaining Silent At A Sobriety Checkpoint

The video pretty much speaks for itself. Knowing your rights and how to exercise them is a powerful thing. The only thing I'd do differently is only roll down my window an inch or so. No need to give a police officer who has seized you absent suspicion access to the cab of your vehicle and the opportunity to claim he smelled alcohol or drugs.


Comment from: JP [Visitor]
Keep up the good work!! I saw you shut down the female border patrol agent in 2008. That was beautiful..These agents know what our rights are, they just love walking all over them. I also saw how al ot of the youtube comments were against you..People are ignorant, look what is has got us..Please keep it up, I will too. Thanks!
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Comment from: checkpoint charlie [Visitor]
Another reason not to talk, I learned recently, is that if you lie to a government agent you can go to prison.
18 U.S.C. Section 1001

So anything one says can be used, true or not. The right to remain silent is a form of the freedom of speech. "Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech,. ."
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Comment from: Charlies [Visitor]
Thanks for posting this stuff once again. I live in Washington State these kinds of check points were actually ruled unconstitutional under our states constitution. Hope your trial goes your way. Where are the check points located in AZ, I will be down there visiting family and visiting areas I grew up in July.
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Comment from: JD [Visitor]
I tried this tactic in SanJose a few years back.

Got removed from my car, frisked, then detained while they checked my ID. They also broke the door to my car when parking it (didn't bother to close it when they drove away and it ripped off the strap hinge when he stopped).

Sure, they let me go after a while, bit it was clear that this happened because they hate it when someone opposes their illegal actions.
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Comment from: Robert [Visitor]
For what it's worth,I'm retired police and I think you handled it near perfectly.Don't like government messing with freedom of travel or 4th &5th amendments.
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