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Q&A With Claire Wolfe

Several weeks ago, I did an email interview with Claire Wolfe regarding my recent checkpoint lawsuit settlement along with a few related issues. Claire published the results of that Q&A session in two parts on her blog over at Living Freedom hosted by Backwoods Home Magazine.


For those interested, links to each article appear below:

Claire has also written several books over the years. One of which I think is particularly pertinent today even though it was originally written, with co-author Aaron Zelman, over ten years ago. The book's title is The State vs The People - The Rise of the American Police State and one need only read the book and compare it with how things have changed over the last ten years to see what direction this country continues to move in.


Comment from: RonD [Visitor]

Excellent interview. I also just got your Youtube documentary and I found it incredibly informative. Thank you for your work and courage on our behalf.

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