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Checkpoint USA Makes "Top DHS Checkpoint Refusal" Video Compilation

A few days ago, Reason Magazine posted the following blog entry regarding the video appearing above to their site:

Enjoy This Montage of People Refusing to Cooperate with DHS Checkpoints

Seems that someone out there has put together a compilation of their favorite checkpoint refusal videos and one of Checkpoint USA's videos made the cut. While it's nice to know my checkpoint videos rank up there, what I'm really excited to see is the increasing number of individuals taking a stand, lawfully exercising their rights and refusing to cooperate with Homeland Security agents seizing them absent suspicion at internal checkpoints no where near the border the agents should be patrolling.

When I first started posting DHS/Border Patrol checkpoint videos back in 2008, I was one of the only ones doing so. Today, I'm merely one of several dozen and couldn't be happier to have the company. I'm looking forward to the day when I'll be just one of several hundred followed soon thereafter by the dismantling of this system of DHS checkpoint pockmarks on the face of American liberty.


Comment from: reality [Visitor]
People who condone this type of behavior are need to wake up. Illegals, terrorists, and drug dealers don't just stop at the boarder. I love arresting people like you and hope that you "drop the soap" in jail....
Permalink 2013-03-07 @ 20:55
Comment from: Checkpoint USA [Member]
I find it amazing how many authoritarian punks like yourself not only have fantasies of sexual violence but also don't know how to spell border correctly and don't realize terrorist and drug checkpoints are illegal inside the country.

Tell you what punk, why don't you put your money where your mouth is & come try to arrest me. I'll be happy to introduce you to the rule of law, something you're obviously very unfamiliar with.
Permalink 2013-03-08 @ 06:41

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