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Checkpoint USA Interviewed By ABC News

Back in early March, I blogged about a video that had gone viral on youtube depicting several video clips of individuals asserting their rights at suspicionless checkpoints inside the country (see video above). Since part of that video depicted an encounter Checkpoint USA had at an internal suspicionless Customs & Border Protection checkpoint back in 2008, I was contacted and interviewed by David Martin Davies of Fronteras Desk for an article he published on March 8, 2013.


Later that same month, I was contacted by Cristina Costantini of ABC News and Univision and interviewed again regarding Checkpoint USA's activism surrounding suspicionless internal checkpoints. The article resulting from that interview was published on ABC News' website on March 29, 2013 and titled, Border Patrol Confrontation Videos Go viral.

For those who want a little more definitive feedback regarding the legality of refusing to answer questions at internal CBP/BP checkpoints while being seized & investigated by Federal agents absent suspicion, I've embedded a video of an interview with the Director of the ACLU's San Diego Chapter below:


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more of this needed.
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