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Neighborhood Resident Stands Up To ID Roadblock

On July 11, 2013, police in Albemarle County, Virginia setup a roadblock to check ID's in a residential neighborhood after the police allegedly received several complaints from the public regarding speeding in the area. One resident of the neighborhood directly affected by the heavy-handed police response initially refused to comply with requests to show his ID while being seized at the roadblock and was threatened with physical violence and arrest, as is standard operational procedure by police at such roadblocks, before acquiescing. After passing through the roadblock, the resident responded by making a sign warning other motorists about the roadblock ahead and stood curbside holding it for all to see.

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Checkpoint Forums Now Online

Back in August of last year, I took Checkpoint USA's forum offline due to the large amount of spam the forum attracted but was unable to filter. Today, I'm happy to report that an offsite forum dedicated to all things checkpoint and roadblock related is now online.

I encourage folks who are concerned about the growing threat suspiconless checkpoints pose to individual rights in particular and society in general to checkout the forum and participate in the discussion. My thanks go out to those folks who have volunteeered their time and effort to bring the forum online.



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Rutherford County Sheriff Deputies Assist Motorists On Independence Day

The above is a video of an illegal detention and search initiated by Deputy Ross at a roadblock conducted by the Rutherford County Sheriff's Dept. in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on July 4, 2013.

My thanks go out to the videographer for exercising his rights and making sure the incident was captured on video so the public can see for itself how the deputies of the good Sheriff of Rutherford County are 'protecting' the people he was placed in office to serve.

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Charges Against Checkpoint USA Dismissed In Court Again

In followup to my earlier article. on July 1, 2013 at Pima County's Consolidated Justice Court, hearing officer Chris Holguin dismissed the single charge of "stopping unnecessarily in the highway" levied against me by Pima County Sheriff Deputy Thomas Audetat after he decided he needed to be someplace else other than the hearing he was responsible for creating in the first place.

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Roadblock Revelations

Welcome to Checkpoint USA's blog. Here you'll find general information and discussions regarding growing threats to our right to privacy & travel.

While I refer to court cases along with state and federal law frequently in this blog, nothing written here should be construed as legal advice. I am not an attorney. Rather, I'm someone concerned about the growing disregard for individual rights present at all levels of government.

My conclusions are my own based upon personal experience and research. The law is made purposely complex however and varies significantly from place to place and circumstance to circumstance.

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