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Arizona Residents Grow Tired Of Checkpoint Abuse

Looks like I'm not the only Arizonan fed up with armed Border Patrol agents seizing folks absent suspicion along public roads inside the country to interrogate, search and generally harass them absent individualized suspicion of wrongdoing.

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Border Patrol Agent Speaks Out Against Unlawful Checkpoint Operations

Showing both courage and integrity, the video above depicts an active duty Border Patrol agent speaking out against the unlawful actions of fellow agents at so-called internal immigration checkpoints in Southern California.

Mike Flanders went public with his allegations of Border Patrol misconduct at internal checkpoints after his attempts at redress within CBP (Customs and Border Protection) were rebuffed. Not only were his concerns marginalized by his chain of command but his duties at the Interstate-8 checkpoint near Pine Valley were suspended and he was reassigned to roving patrol while an internal investigation and other adversarial actions were initiated against him.

In other words, Agent Flanders was retaliated against for daring to question the illegal actions of the agency. Something Customs & Border Protection and the Department of Homeland Security are obviously quite good at - retaliation that is as opposed to Border Protection or Homeland Security.

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CBP Agents Raid Home & Seize Evidence of Their Own Malfeasance

Not content to harass domestic traffic absent individualized suspicion of wrongdoing at roadblocks inside the country, Border Patrol agents are now storming private homes to seize video evidence of their own wrongdoing.

The folks over at Photography Is Not a Crime bring us a story about seven Border Patrol agents who hunted down a man in Escondido, California who had taken video of an agent and an undercover police officer beating a suspect laying on the ground. After discovering where the videographer lived, the agents stormed & searched his house hours after the incident without a warrant. They then seized his cell phone, also without a warrant, containing video of the incident. See:

Seven Border Patrol Agents Storm into Man’s Home After Midnight Seeking Footage of Abusive Agent

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Checkpoint USA Back In Court On Monday

On Monday July 1, 2013, I'll be back in Pima County Justice Court defending myself against a bogus traffic citation issued on March 29, 2013 at the SR-86 Milepost 146.6 CBP roadblock. The citation was issued by Pima County Sheriff Deputy Thomas Audetat, badge #6312, at the beheadst of CBP Agent J Grayson for allegedly stopping unnecessarily in the highway, a violation of ARS 28-871A. This despite the fact, I was stopped in accordance with two stop signs placed in the highway and by CBP agents who ordered me to stop.

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Border Patrol Agents with Personal Agendas....

One of the advantages of video recording your compelled encounters with Border Patrol agents at internal suspicionless checkpoints no where near the border they're supposed to be patrolling is the history the videos reveal & the searchable database they create.

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'Fronteras Desk' & KPBS Cover Suspicionless Border Patrol Checkpoints

With nearly 600,000 views in less than two weeks, it seems that the video I blogged about last week, which contains nine video clips of folks across the Southwest failing to assist Border Patrol agents with their suspicionless seizure & interrogation at interior Homeland Security checkpoints, has definitely gone viral.

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Illegal Border Patrol Traffic Stops Get The Attention of the ACLU

Over the past several years, Roadblock Revelations has published several articles regarding illegal enforcement action by roving patrols manned by armed Border Patrol agents operating no where near an international border. Some of these articles involved me directly - see:

While others did not:

Some have even involved Border Patrol agents or their family members as victims of other overzealous agents conducting illegal roving patrol operations:

Given so many examples of routine lawbreaking by Border Patrol agents not patrolling the border they're paid to patrol, it was good to finally see some organizations dedicated to fighting unconstitutional government activity finally taking notice earlier this year.

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Social Security Applicants Harassed By DHS At Suspicionless Checkpoint

Based upon the news stories appearing below, it would appear that yet another arm of the Department of Homeland Security has recently adopted security theater tactics in its day to day operations.

Not content doing its job assessing & improving existing security measures at federal facilities around the country, the Federal Protective Service recently decided to make its presence known to the general public in a very in-your-face sort of way.

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DEA, DHS & TOPD Surveillance Along AZ SR86

In conjunction with the Tohono O'odham Police Department, the Drug Enforcement Agency recently installed a camera surveillance system along the West bound lane of traffic near mile marker 146 on SR86 in Southern Arizona. The location is just West of the Border Patrol checkpoint I've highlighted extensively on this blog.

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Border Patrol Retaliating Against Americans At Work

For those of you who've been following this blog for a while, you may remember a story I posted in March of last year involving a military field grade officer at a Border Patrol checkpoint near Uvalde, TX. That initial report was followed up with another post several months later containing additional video footage and commentary regarding the incident.

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